Weekly Wanderings – Budget Cuts

Another week gone by and we’re settling in quite nicely. I still have a laundry list of things to do on the TT, but i’ve begun to think of these things as ‘security from boredom’, and not as tasks needing to be done right away. I’m simply working to bring my professional project management skills into my own personal life and match tasks with resources and priorities, just like any construction project.

The dogs don’t have this problem, of course; they’re already experts at managing their time wisely, and continue to show me how wonderful life is if i’ll just take a nap…

Shhh… it’s nap time

We were able to get some work done this week; I was assigned to provide LOTO and support to a blade repair crew for a severely damaged blade root, and the previous week was quite a lot of hassle. This week they were able to put work in on the blade, which they were quite happy about. As part of my work, I had to go out and make a Hub Entry, which was rather mundane for me as i’ve done it many times before, but it’s still a little excitement in an otherwise boring day; the views are always amazing!

My last day of work at this site was on Thursday; due to new budget cuts coming down from way up high, they decided it made more fiscal sense to have a blade repair technician that’s also LOTO certified to come perform the LOTO, and then work on the blade. This makes sense to me, too, of course, but means i’m back to rusting up some work. Just another reminder that, as an independant contractor, it’s important to keep your skills sharp, your tools and equipment ready, and your eyes and ears open for work!

While wandering around the RV park, I discovered that there’s a large field behind the park that’s enclosed by fences on two sides, and by a large riverwash on the other two, making an excellent 3-4 acre area for the dogs to run and play. They’ve sniffed about 32% of it so far, but have had to double back and re-sniff some areas due to ‘sniff-goodness levels’, or so Scout tells me. Kirby was too busy with his nose in the dirt to comment at the time.
The views of the mountains here from that field were quite stunning; this really is a beautiful area, even if it’s less green than I prefer. But hey, the greener it is, the wetter it is, and that means higher humidity, so color me thankful for the drier air!

I’ve got some leads on Residential Projects i’d like to pick up, so i’ll be working on that on Monday. Today it’s just laundry, stretching, relaxing, and getting ready for the week.
We’re slowly dialing in a new routine of sorts here, with a focus on cleaning up my blog and making it easier to read, so stay tuned for those details! I’m aiming to have a new weekly post every Sunday for my general wanderings, and 2 posts per week about helpful topics in the RV world; kit I find useful, and the methods I use for solving regular issues.

Here’s to the new week, may we have happy trails and easy days!


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