Weekly Wandering – Waiting and waiting

I’ve been sitting and waiting for confirmation of an assignment as I decide what to do next. By default, it’s December, so I should be headed West to see family, but i’ve been told i’m needed in Illinois for a solar job, so please standby. As is often the case, we are ready, but the customer is not.

I spent a few nights at Wichita River Bend State Park, which is a wonderful little place to stay for a short time; next to the river with water and power hook ups, you can spend up to 3 nights there without any added permissions needed, and walk right over to the river, the falls, or onto the nature trail that wanders across much of Wichita Falls.

After being put on hold for the assignment, I moved over the Wichita Falls RV park, where for $40/night I could enjoy full hookups and Wi-Fi, so I did. I continued working on things in both truck and trailer, I replaced the porch light with a nicer, newer, brighter model, and made an effort to be on ‘vacation’, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

I had a great time Wichita Falls, playing radio with the local club and generally enjoying myself while still working a little here and there. The reality of owning your own business is that you’re never really ‘off’, you’re just doing less than you usually do.

I’ve finally gotten word that the assignment had been delayed for an unknown amount of time, so I opted out and have plans to head West, determined to enjoy some vacation time yet!


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