Weekly round-up

Yes yes yes, I know, i’m a day late or so. Bite me. 😛

Projects are all moving along, things are getting done.
Scout is doing well, enjoying picking on Amp to get him to play. Amp tolerates it fine and will eventually go play, but definitely needs more exercise.

Kirby is recovering nicely from his surgery, and while annoyed that he’s not allowed to play much, he’s enjoying lots of nap time, in his crate, on the bed, on the patio, and sometimes in the patio potty box I made. Yeah, he’s a little weird, but hey, so am I.

All stitched up and healing well.
The patio potty I made for Kirby.

Kirby goes in for a check up on Tuesday to see how he’s doing, and should have his stitches out the following Tuesday. Four weeks later he should be fully recovered, and ready to have surgery for his right leg. Here’s hoping all stays well for this sweet little guy!


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