Weekly Round-up: October 6th

Hello all!
This past week has been a whirlwind for me, and for the dogs!

Kirby got a clean bill of health this past week, which means he’s free to roam about, play, and generally ‘let loose’, as well as get his next surgery scheduled.
We were able to schedule the next surgery for October 17th so we’ll have a little time to let him be a dog, as well as see how his training is coming along, before he goes back under the knife.
Kirby has been getting used to the leash, is balancing his new-found energy and freedom with the introduction and enforcement of boundaries, and is continuing to make progress across the board.
Kirby’s big adventure this past week was getting to run free in a dog park for the first time (with me anyway), which he seemed to enjoy with gusto!

Kirby enjoying new friends at the park!

Scout’s been doing well, though she was as surprised as I was when we learned just how quick Kirby is! While he doesn’t have the endurance she’s got (yet!), he definitely keeps her on her toes!
The biggest challenge she has now is having to squeeze her way in to snuggle at times, but she’s definitely doing well to become more assertive, which I’m enjoying.

Amp is still enjoying life at Mandi’s house, and he’s recently learned a new trick!

Uh-oh, looks who’s talking on command now!!!

Of course the running joke is, ‘Great, now he’ll never shut up’! 😛

After just three sessions with one of my home-training clients, we’ve been able to figure out what the issues are, and we now have a work-from-home plan to resolve those issues! The owner is quite happy with the turn of events, and is an excellent handler, so i’ve no doubt that’ll turn out wonderfully in short time!

It’s been a great week with the dogs, I got to talk to several people about how to get their dogs to behave as well as mine do, and i’ve got more material to bring to you, my wonderful readers!


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