Weekly Round-up: June 7th

Hello, and welcome back to the weekly round-up!

It’s been an odd week for the dogs around here; between the bad weather, people in and out, and odd schedules, there’s plenty to discuss!

First up, Trixie, who has 16 days left of no activity, not that we’re counting…
I know she’ll be super excited when she’s allowed to run free and play hard again, and i’m eagerly awaiting that day, too! She’s doing well, working on her manners and basic commands, and while she’s not a fan of her diet, she’s getting better about tasting the food and not just inhaling it.

It’s been a fairly quiet week, but we did have a fun outing; Scout and Kirby came out to a friends house with me where they got to run around on 3 acres of grass and woods. Scout’s been there a few times, but this was Kirbys first time here, and he didn’t take long at all to get out and stretch those legs!

With the weather hot and humid as it is, and things starting to open back up, a couple of important reminders:
1) Asphalt and concrete will absorb heat, and are often hotter than the ambient air temperature! Always be sure to check the ground temperature by placing your hand on it for 30 seconds or more. If it’s too hot for you to hold it, it’s too hot for your pet to walk on it.

2) It’s fun, and good training, to take your dog places with you, but make sure you’re caring for their needs while you’re out and about, just like you do at home. If you’re going to leave them in the car, remember that it gets very hot very quick in sunshine, and the excess humidity here doesn’t help at all!

When I take my dogs somewhere, most often they get to come with me. On the rare occasion I leave them in the vehicle, I leave the vehicle running to keep the temperature comfy inside, and i’m only gone a few minutes, 15 minutes at the most.

Alright, that wraps up this weeks round up. Y’all stay safe, have fun, and play with your dog, they love it, and it’s good for you, too! 😀


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