Weekly Round-Up: June 28th

It feels like a short week for me, even though it was full of long days on the road as I get back to work as a travelling technician.
I am, sadly, on the road solo; Scout and Kirby are at home in Georgia, and i’m eager to get things organized so I can bring them with me.
Being on the road gives me a new perspective to write from, which is exciting for me, and i’m interested to see what new topics come up.

The first thing i’ll talk about this week is how I came to the decision of travelling solo, or, in short, ‘How do I know when to, and when NOT to, bring my dogs?”. In my mind, it boils down to my anticipated schedule, work load, and accommodations. I expect to be working 8-12 hours a day, living out of motels, and all of this is happening in the Southern US summer heat and humidity, none of which is pleasant for dogs. I think their best life is being lived at home where things are relaxed, ‘normal’, and familiar, rather than coming on the road with me and dealing with all the crazy as I start a new chapter of my adventure. It was a tough choice for sure, but I think the best way to answer that question is, ‘What is best for the dog(s)?”.

The next thing to talk about is the heat! I’m in West Texas as I write this, surrounded by asphalt, concrete, sand, and heat. So much heat in fact that even the heat is tired of it being hot here! SO, in this enviroment, the biggest issue is burned paws on dogs, which can happen in just a few seconds of walking about on the asphalt or concrete under the afternoon sun. It’s very important that you take time to check the heat of the ground by simply placing your palm (or bare foot) on the ground and see how long you can hold it there comfortably. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them!

I’ll wrap up this week by talking a little bit about travelling with dogs. Travelling with dogs by vehicle isn’t difficult, you’ll just need to add a little time to ensure they get a break outside for potty and leg-stretching, and make sure you’ll be staying somewhere that they’re welcome, too.
Along with dog food, extra bowls, and water, I also recommend bringing along a blanket or something familiar from home, and some chew bones or treats that take a while to work on so they have something to do!

As always, thanks for reading, and happy tails! 😀


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