Updates 23OCT22

Hey, Hi, and Hello! It’s been a rollercoaster of a week for sure, but it’s ended on a high note, and I’m looking forward to the week coming up.

My time has been deeply divided between work, business, social, personal, truck, and dog issues, but I think I’ve got them mostly sorted out now.

Work is moving along slowly, still chipping away at that iceberg, waiting for the big ‘pop’ to let loose so we can move forward with much more steam
Business is getting more serious, I finally got around to setting up logos, letterhead, forms, templates, and a color scheme so I can provide a cleaner, matching appearance across the board.
Socially, I had several meetings for various things, and a couple of them have some promising potential, but I learned something from all of them, so that was nice.
Personally it was a tough week; I hit it HARD on Monday, apparently a little too hard, because Tuesday and Wednesday were quite difficult. I was bummed, exhausted, and sore in new places, so I had to trim it back a bit on Thursday, but I got back into the groove.
Figured out why my truck was showing its ABS light… the ABS sensor for the hub on the drivers side that recently got replaced (after learning that the last replacement was performed incorrectly, costing me around $2,000!) had been ripped off the end of it’s lead, presumably from not being properly tightened when it was installed.
I’ll be taking the truck back in on Wednesday to have that repaired.
The dogs did alright, but they haven’t been to the office much lately, so when we did finally go on Thursday they didn’t know how to act, got all kinds of rambunctious, and Scout ended up sick and vomiting that evening. She seemed to bounce back the next day, and has been doing fine since, so maybe she ate a little too much office dust while she was sniffing all over….

I’m moving and shaking, working on expanding my business, specifically looking to tame my bookkeeping and talk about marketing options this week, while following up on a couple of proposals, and waiting on one new contract currently.

I’ve been reading a lot of headlines about a big storm coming this way, but the forecast doesn’t show anything of grave concern, just cold with a little snow and rain. Not a big deal now, but I DO still need to get my underbelly covered up (yes, since last Christmas!!!) so that’s high on the list when I shake out some resources.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, do at least one thing that scares the mess out of you, and may all the dogs you pet be friendly!


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