Updates 09OCT22

It’s been a fun, full week! Busy across the board, working on business, bicycles, and other fun stuff.

For bicycles, I’ve ended up with FIVE in my stable! Two of them I’ll keep for myself, one mountain and one hybrid; the rest are up for sale, hopefully to pay for my new addiction. I’ve been able to get some miles in wandering around the RV park, and I’ve taken the dogs out on them a few times to help wear them out.

The downer for the week is that I’ve been booted from the last three social groups I was involved in online; one of them is a group for singles in Denver, the other two were for new people in general in Denver, and over the course of this week, I got booted from all three. I’m not sure what I may have done to trigger those, but I can’t seem to message anyone to ask without being a member, so I think I’m just SOL. The silver lining is that I can’t be booted out of any more groups since I’m not a member of any other groups for socializing!

I have found that it seems to be much more common for me to feel lonely in a larger city or more populous area than out in the country, and I think it has to do with opportunity. I realize I’m ‘getting up there in age’, and am well past my dating prime, so I really don’t have much opportunity to begin with, but being surrounded by people makes it tough to be alone most of the time.
It’s also frustrating to me to hear women complaining about how hard it is to find a guy with the qualities they like or want, and when they list them off, I’m left thinking, ‘Uhm, hello? That’s me. All of those. I have all of them.’
Such is life, so I’m just focusing on work, business, and moving up while I’m in one place for awhile.

Yesterday I took a road trip around NW Denver, got closer to the mountains, and while I was out, I got myself a healthy dose of perspective about the RV park situation around here by visiting most of the ones around Denver. There’s another post that goes into detail on it, but in short, where I am now has the biggest spaces of all the parks I’ve looked at, and the third best pricing overall. All things considered, I think this is my best bet for my time in Denver.

The dogs are doing alright, not happy with the stress levels right now (neither am I), but we’re working through it. They got their booster shots yesterday, in and out, no trouble at all, and only some minor issues form them last night with some soreness in the area.
I’m VERY happy with their current vet, and while they’re a bit more expensive than some of the other vets I’ve gotten pricing from, the way they take care of us is worth every penny to me!

I finally got my radio stuff out in the field today! I took both portable fiberglass towers, the G5RV, the 857d, the YT-100 tuner, a couple small batteries, my canopy, table, chair, and some miscellaneous pieces I wanted to mess with. I went all the way down to Chatfield park (Clear on the opposite of Denver from me!) to play radio with some other hams, but only one of them made it over.
I got both towers setup, got the G5RV setup and hung the way I liked it, and all the stuff hooked up, but I wasn’t able to get on the air because the tuner wouldn’t work. I’ll have to do some troubleshooting with it sometime, BUT, the ONE thing I wanted to get done today was to get the G5RV setup with cord on each end, then put on its own reel for easy deployment and storage, and now I have that! The rest is just bonus stuff.

Taking the rest of the day off to do little to nothing, I’ll be back to the grind this week, working on business stuff, expanding my client base, and getting work done.
Y’all have a good week! 😀


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