Updates 02OCT22

It’s way past time for me to get back to my weekly blog updates, so here’s my stab at it for October, in lieu of carving a pumpkin.

Still at Denver Meadows, still working, grinding, hustling, whatever you want to call it. I’m working on expanding two more streams of income using skills I have already, dog training and bicycle work, BUT, both of them are still trading time for money, so I still need to learn how to build a system that I own, but does NOT require me to trade time for money.

Overall, things are moving along nicely. I’m finally getting my skewed POV back to reality that Denver is a major metropolitan area, and the people reflect that.
Business here is fairly easy, there are PLENTY of options for vendors, a LOT of work waiting to be done, and a fairly level playing field. It’s pretty easy to ‘get a piece of the action’ in business here by just showing up and doing your part.

I did revisit the dating thing when I got settled in, I joined a few facebook groups that are specifically for dating, but I got the same results as I used to get on the dating apps; pushy, testy, lazy women who made assumptions about me, treated me as if their assumptions were true, and just brought drama and conflict into the equation. NO THANK YOU. After some reflection I realized my POV was skewed there, too; Facebook is ONLINE. So, I’m still in one of the groups for the sake of socializing and exchanging ideas, but I’m not actively seeking dating there (or anywhere).

I do have a few more blog posts I want to make for this blog, and for my business blog, and it’s a rainy day here today, so I think that’s what I’ll focus on.

The dogs are doing well, Kirby is learning ‘Right Side’ this week, and I’m starting to see bits and pieces of a five year plan to cover my time in Denver. Lots to do, but I’m finally back in a position to be PROactive instead of REactive, so I’m taking it and running with it! 😀


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