Trixie’s settling in nicely!

Taking the idea of, ‘If I fits, I sits’ to another level!

Trixie has been doing very well in our care, and is enjoying life here. She’s getting a lot of work on manners, spending some time on her leash, and loves playing with all the other dogs, especially Kirby! Those two just love going to town on each other, making all kinds of racket and ruckus with their growling and barking, but as i’m supervising their play time, all I see is love and fun.

Trixie seems to have learned that food is plentiful, always available, and has started eating in a much slower, paced manner, with less vigor and zeal. Often times i’ll fill her bowl, and she’ll nibble at it throughout the day instead of wolfing it all down as soon as the bowl hits the floor.

No word yet on when we can get her in for heartworm treatment, but she’s doing well and enjoying every day!


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