Trixie is ready!

Trixie has been back from heartworm treatment for 6 days, and she’s doing very well. She’s eating all of her food at a reasonable pace, even though she’s on a diet because of her lower activity level, she’s doing well on and off leash, and while she does not like being cooped up so much, she’s being a super trooper about having to keep her activity level down.

Trixie is a 1-2 year old terrier mix, 30 lbs, altered, up to date on all shots, current on flea, tick, and heartworm preventative medicines, and is recovering from heartworm treatment.
Recovery means she has to be on limited activity for 6-8 weeks after treatment, so either resting in a small room, in her crate, or on her leash to go outside and potty. She cannot jog, jump, sprint, roll, jump, or anything strenuous until her treatment is all done.
Trixie is crate trained, and likes to hang out in there when she’s not snuggling and snoring on the bed.
Trixie is *mostly* housebroken; she will go out on her own to potty, but she will not hold it for 6-8 hours if she’s left out of her crate. If I have to be away that long and no one is there to let her out, I just keep her in her crate and that’s fine.

Trixie shows a lot of curiosity and bravery about exploring new things, but is quick to shy away at a loud voice, a fast hand, or a movement that might strike her, suggesting to me that she’s had some abuse in her past.
Trixie needs a loving, caring family that is consistent, patient, and fair with her. Trixie is not a dog for a beginner, she has some challenges to overcome, and she needs a lot of love with a light touch of discipline to help her grow into her furever home.

Trixie is very sweet, friendly, and loves to snuggle. She’s a wonderful dog that wasn’t treated well earlier in life, but she’s ready for her furever home now, filled with love and treats.


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