Trixie is going in for treatment!

This sweet little cutie-potato is going in for treatment to get rid of her heartworms on Monday, May 11th. She’s not terribly excited about it, but trusts me when I tell her it’s necessary, and in her best interest. She says it’s fine, so long as she gets to keep snuggling Kirby and I.

Trixie has been on heartworm preventative medicine since March when she was brought into the Humane Society which prevents her from getting any new worms, but does not kill adult heart worms. The treatment she’s going to get will kill the adult heartworms in her system by slowly breaking them down over the next 6-8 weeks, and the remaining bits will be filtered out by her kidneys.
This treatment required 6-8 weeks of rest afterward, little to no activity at all, but it’s critical to her health, both short and long term. It’ll be a challenge, but she’s definitely up to it!


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