The weekly round-up

Ok, more or less a weekly round up, but hey, it’s a dogs life over here, and i’m just trying to keep up with ’em! ๐Ÿ˜›

L-R: Amp, Kirby, Scout

Amp is having a good time, and has adjusted well to Kirby being around. Those boys get to rough housing now and then, all in good fun, but boy do they knock the dust loose! Amp is always up for a good pet or head scratch, is never late for a treat, and will sometimes come sit with me during morning coffee to say hello!

Amp wants to try my coffee…..

Kirby is making leaps and bounds of progress in his program, has become calm and confident in his daily activities, and enjoys testing boundaries by giving a new thing a little nibble, then looking at me to see what i’ll say. Thankfully, he responds well, and quickly, to a simple voice command! His face is usually smiling, and his nose is usually sniffing… even when he’s snoozing! He, too, likes to say good morning while i’m having coffee.

“I like coffee… I think…” -Kirby

Scout is finally enjoying having two boys to play with, and is happy to get out there and play rough with the boys, too! Last seen aggravating the mess out of ‘them boys’, she was lost in a cloud of dust as she sped away!
(She’s too fast for a picture) ๐Ÿ˜›

This past weekend all three dogs got to travel with me to a friends house, where their three dogs got to all meet and play with Kirby (who is new to them) and my two (who are not new to them). The initial meeting was tense because two of the friends dogs did NOT want to be nice, but Kirby responded very well; he was calm, cool, and did not fight, lunge, attack, or even growl back when provoked! After a few hours of sniffing and posturing, all six dogs were seen running circles around each other in the backyard, having far too much fun to care about who’s new or who’s who!

I’m very proud of Kirby for coming out of his shell, putting his past behind him, and quickly learning to thrive in his new life. I look forward to introducing him to his new family when the time is right, and I know they’ll have many happy memories with him!


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