Shopping for an RV

So i’m two months into this round of adventure, and finally shopping for an RV again.

I’ve decided to seek out a bumper pull toy hauler, 10K GVWR or less, $20K or less, with a separate/enclosed garage. I also want maximum CCC, and a shower door, not a curtain.
So let’s talk about all those parts and pieces, and how I got to those decisions.

I want a bumper pull because I don’t want to invest in a gooseneck system for my truck, and i’m not ready to buy a 5th wheel hitch, even though my truck came with the rails for a 5th wheel. I’d like to keep it simple for now, and for me, that means a bumper pull.
10K lbs GVWR is because of the tow rating of my truck; I have a 2000 F-250 7.3L TD 4wd CCSB, and the conventional (bumper pull) tow rating is 10K lbs. Now, anything over 5K lbs does require a Weight Distribution Hitch, but that’s ok with me, i’ll spend the money to buy one (between $200 and $500).
I want a toy hauler because i’ll be moving out of my place down in Georgia, and i’ve got a couple of large power tools i’m not quite ready to let go of. Plus, I really want the ‘shop-style’ space for making a mess now and then I work on projects, AND, toy haulers typically have little to no carpet inside, which is great for me because I DO NOT WANT carpet inside my RV. Ever. Anywhere. For any reason.
I want an enclosed garage so that I have a place to put my dogs, who will be travelling with me, if I need to keep them separate from the living quarters for any time, but I don’t want to leave them in their crate, AND, I like having a space where I can make a mess, and just close the door when i’m taking a break from the mess-making.
Maximum CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) because I want to have room for my stuff, and while I am working on having less stuff, I still need to move out of my place in GA, and i’d rather not sit and sell stuff off there.

Now let’s talk about my ‘system’. I’m searching for something within a few hours drive because I want to be able to go put hands on it now, and walk through it before I buy. If I find something that fits the bill, I can go ahead and start the process, and if there’s any issues, I won’t be in a time crunch to get the RV and get down to GA.
I’m communicating exclusively by email until I find one i’m ready to buy, so that I don’t have to remember all the details of each unit, I just have to read the conversation history (i’m quite busy at 55-70 hours a week at work, so this is a HUGE help).

My basic questions for any unit that meets my needs and wants are:
1) Anything broken/missing/not factory?
2) I request a copy of the maintenance records

So that’s what i’m working on, and working with, and now you’ve got a couple ideas for your RV shopping! 🙂


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