Safety, safety, safety. We hear about it all the time. We talk about it every morning. Then we go into the field, and I see some folks just forget about it.

If you’re doing something that’s un-safe for you, i’m going to talk to you directly, and see if you understand, and if you care to know.

If you’re doing something that’s un-safe to other technicians, I will personally see to it you get removed from site immediately, and I will not make any exceptions to that; other technicians lives are on the line, and i’ll be damned if i’m going to stand idly by while you place others in harms way.

That being said, let me encourage you to have a mindset of safety, all day, every day, in every thing you do. Think about what you’re about to do, think about what could go wrong, and think about how you can prevent issues before they become problems. That’s what safety is all about.

Also know this: Every tower, every technician, every day: If we go up together, we come down together, and i’ll bet my life on it.


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