RV parks in Denver, CO

So I finally got around to visiting a bunch of other RV parks in Denver, and these were my findings:

Dakota ridge RV Park is $1,500 a month in the off-season, a month is 28 days, but they want the full amount up front plus 50% of each month that you want to stay after that up front. I’d be looking at about 5250 to move in, with another 3750 due over the offseason (October to March).
They are a very nice park, well kept, and very close to the mountains on the West end of Denver. The payment structure and rude staff keep me out.

Applewood RV is $1,375 a month, their sites are a maximum of 45 ft long so I’d have to park truck and utility trailer somewhere else, and they have metered electric which is running an average of $100 a month. They have a waiting list, not sure how long it would be before they can get me in.
The location is a little odd, tucked in behind a mixed residential and commercial area, with very small lots/spaces. The clerk seemed nice, but the odor in the office was quite suffocating.

Deluxe RV park and motel, I didn’t even go in! The RV park is just in the parking lot of the motel and it is cram jam-packed. It’s also in a very busy neighborhood with lots of traffic in a main artery road, not someplace I want to be.

Flying Saucer RV park is conveniently located in South Denver with plenty of shopping around, but is incredibly packed, very tight, and has been full since I first called back in June. At my last contact in October, they said they are booked until after summer 2023.

Skyview RV park in Aurora is jam-packed as well, every site is full, and the sites are small (maybe 35′?) and fenced in all the way around. I doubt I could get my TT into most of those spaces without a LOT of adjustments. All of the people staying there appear to be long-term visitors, and it looks more like a run-down mobile home park than an RV park.

There are several state parks around Denver you can stay at, but I only looked at the long term options since I’m here working long term. For a short term visit, I’d definitely go to any of the state parks!

There is also a KOA on each side of Denver, but they’re both 45 minutes or more drive time outside the Denver area.


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