The more I analyze the data I get from online dating, the more I see trends, patterns, and ‘warning signs’.
One of the trends that’s come up lately is use of the term, “Rules”, usually in the context that women are telling me they don’t want to “break one of your (my) rules”.

I usually respond with something about how I don’t have a lot of rules, I’m just organized in my method of doing things, and i’ve learned that I can tell a lot by their response to that.

In short, the things I talk about in my blog are not rules that can be broken, bent, or followed, they’re blog posts about what I like, how I see things, what I want, or what i’m thinking about. The entire point of this blog is to bridge the gap between me not wanting to have the same (now boring!) conversation about me over and over and over, as well the fact that I don’t like to ‘tell’ all about me (I prefer you get to know me through shared time together), and most women wanting to ‘get to know me’ before meeting me.

Personally, I think it’s silly to ‘get to know someone’ before you’ve ever met them, but I don’t have enough reason to avoid that situation, so here’s the blog, with it’s intent to solve a problem within the criteria provided. See how I did that? That’s how I solve all the problems I solve, by creating a solution that works!

In closing, don’t think of the things I talk about in my blog as ‘rules’, think of them as ‘guidelines’. I don’t expect my future wife to fit perfectly into a box, I expect her to be nearabouts on the same page as I am, and not at all interested in spending time on silly games.


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