So many questions, so many buttons, what do I do?!?

I know it’s generally ‘easier’ to drop a post on FaceBook and ask ‘how do I???’, but let’s take a few minutes to talk about the importance of paperwork, most notably, the manuals and guides that came with your RV.

There’s a lot of useful information in all those manuals, pamphlets, guides, books, and so on that came with your RV. If you didn’t get a big stack of stuff, reach out to the manufacturer and see if you can get copies of all that stuff.

In my TT, I have an accordion folder full of all the manuals, and all the paperwork for the stuff in the RV, so it’s all in one place. I’ve also got some digital stuff I keep, and the most important one is a note with the make, model, and serial number of all my big items so I can get to that info quickly. I recommend  having that info handy for:
The Fridge
The A/C
The Furnace
The Water Heater
The Coach or Trailer
any other major components that are separate from the body of the RV.

Having that ‘cheat sheet’ on hand makes it easy for you to get going on parts and repairs, but having all the manuals on board and organized will save you lots of time when you’re looking for answers.

Remember, with RV’s, it’s not IF something will break, it’s WHEN will something break! 🙂


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