Re sealing the RV Fridge Vent Jun 2024

For the last week or so, I’ve noticed as the outside weather gets warmer, so has the inside of my fridge and freezer.
Ideally, the fridge should be 40°, and the freezer should be 0° (farenheit). Mine was getting up to 60 and 34, respectively, so it was time for some troubleshooting!

I started with the basics:
Make sure the seals are clean, in good condition, and properly sealing.
Make sure the doors are fully closed.
Move the temperature sensor up the fin inside.
Make sure it’s running well, no error codes.
Switch over to gas only for 12 hours.

None of these were an issue, and none fixed my issue, so it was time to check the vent on the roof….

Looking closely, I noticed two things:
1) There’s no way to get the bathmat out of there without damaging/breaking the vent (Other than removing it correctly), and,
2) The sealant around the vent is old, grimy, and showing some small gaps.

So I got to work getting the old stuff off and the vent removed so I could take the bath mat out. Once I had that done, I could feel the heat rising out of there, so I added a fan to the backside of the fridge (Outside access panel) to further move the air around while I got to work cleaning everything up.

Once it was all clean, I placed a nice bead of caulk around the bottom of the vent, placed it back where it belongs, screwed it back down, and then sealed it up real tight with Gorilla roof repair and flashing tape (love this stuff!).

Google tells me it takes 8-12 hours to cool an RV fridge down, but I did a really good job and I wanted my treat NOW dagnabbit!

Now I am happily enjoying a fridge under 40°, and a freezer hovering around 20°. I may still have a gas bubble in the cooling unit causing the freezer to be less than efficient, but that’s a project for another day! 😀


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