Wichita Amateur Radio Society

Welcome W.A.R.S. members!

I've started a group.io mailing list so we can communicate easily amongst the club members, and we can all keep up with what's happening in the club without having to be 'on a schedule'. I still want to see all of you at the club meetings, at the Saturday Breakfast, and on the Sunday night net, but this'll help us collaborate gooder. (Yes, I know it should be 'better', but 'gooder' sounds more funner).

Groups.io is a mailing list where you can sign up, and we can stay in touch. It's free to sign up, you don't get any spam, and it's only club members that can email you. Your email address stays secure and hidden, and you'll get updated information for the club, from the club, by the club. Join us, it's AWESOME!

Sign up here: https://groups.io/g/n5wf