My buying process, Part 2: The walkthrough

Seeing is believing, touching is knowing.

Once i’ve figured out all the details, it’s time for me to go check the unit out. The first time I look at the unit, i’m focused on the people selling it, and the overall look and feel of the unit, not every single little detail.

The first thing I note is where and how the unit is parked; is it opened up with power, water, and/or sewer connected? Am I at a dealership lot, in a campground, at a private residence?
Is anything covered up? Is there any part of the unit I can’t see or get to that’s been covered or hidden?
There’s a lot to be learned in the initial presentation of the unit.

I like to start with a walkaround outside the unit, again to get a feel for the overall condition, the care it’s had, and what kind of issues may be present. I eventually make my way to the entry door, and wander on side, taking my time and taking mental note of all the little parts and pieces, how things fit, latch, slide, swing, and anything else they’re supposed to do.

Once i’m acquainted with the unit, i’ll take another wander around and envision myself sitting in one of the seats, working on my laptop, or watching TV, or playing with my dogs, and see if it makes sense. From there, I can decide if I want to proceed to the next step, or walk away.


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