Introducing, Trixie!

Today was a big day for all the dogs in our house; everyone got a bath, and our dogs got a new guest to play with!
Trixie is an altered female terrier mix, about a year and a half old, and thanks to the fine folks at LaGrange Veterinary Hospital, is up to date on her shots.

In light of the Corona Virus, the LaGrange Humane Society worked hard to get all of their dogs into foster homes while everything was shut down, and Trixie was the last dog left in their kennels when I offered to foster one.
When we got to the city animal shelter we noticed a lot of empty kennels on both sides of the building, and very few dogs barking or making noise, but it wasn’t until I walked into the kennels that I realized how empty it was! Trixie was all by herself all the way down at the end, and as soon as I started walking down the aisle I could hear her whimpering and barking.
I got her out, on the leash, and walked her back to the office to get her paperwork done before taking her out to the truck, and she was such a happy girl! Big smile, lots of happy tail wags, and her sniffer went NUTS when we got outside!

As soon as we got home we started rotating dogs through the shower; I always like to bathe dogs between the shelter and home, but with everything closed, it was down to doing it at home, and our dogs needed a bath anyway.

She did great in the shower, no trouble at all, and when we were all done she was happy as could be, already picking her spot on my bed!

Trixie comes to me with heartworms, a rough past, and a great zeal for food; she’s not mean or aggressive, but she tends to wolf her food down as if there is no more food to be had. The heartworms will be treated once the clinic opens back up, the rough past we’ll work through slowly, and the zeal for food i’ll have to figure out.
Trixie is sniffing everything, exploring all over, and enjoying having other dogs to pal around with. She’s definitely a happy dog, and ready for what’s next. Stay tuned for more of her story!


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