So I made my way to Denver in June for a new job opportunity, and I’ve been slowly working my way into the local Ham Radio community. It’s a process, but it’s a large metro area with a LOT of people, and several clubs; plenty of radio to go around!

I attended the Denver Radio Club hamfest today, and had a great time! I got to meet face to face with some of the folks I’d been chatting with on line, I got to peruse a bunch of radio stuff, I came home with some goodies to play with, and I had such a good time that I forgot to take any pictures, at all. Not even one.

I think we can all be thankful I don’t make my living as a blogger, I’m not so great at it, but like everything else, I just keep chipping away at it, a little each day (or annual quarter in this case! :P)

More on the radio stuff soon, and more on life in general soon as well!


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