Special Pick-up and Delivery

My Special Pick-up and Delivery service has four components, and three skillsets, that make me your top choice for this service.


Part 1: The inspection/appraisal.
Not sure if the item is in good condition? Needs some kind of repairs? Will work for your intended application? Not to worry, I can help you inspect or appraise the item!

Part 2: Pick-Up and Delivery.
No matter how big, special, expensive, or fragile the item is, you can count on me to get the right equipment for pick-up and delivery. Most of what I move fits fine on my trailer, but i've got access to a wide range of equipment perfect for the job. Picking it up, securing it correctly, taking good care of it, and getting it to where it needs to go is all part of the P&D with me.

Part 3: Installation, Setup, and/or Assembly
Ikea furniture, fancy couches, washing machines and dryers, lawn equipment, large toys, kayaks, canoes, sports equipment, dog houses... these are just some of the many things i've handled for people. I can assemble, setup, and/or install just about anything you can buy!

Part 4: Your assistant
For those times when you just need someone to come with you (especially for the ladies!) i'm your bona-fide and trustworthy assistant that can help you through the situation, no matter what it is.


Professional Driver
I've got more than 15 years of driving experience, and i've driven everything from motorcycles to 18-wheelers. If it's got wheels, I can make it move, exactly where we want it to go.

Contractor - Construction
I spent four years as a residential contractor, six years and counting as a handyman, and i'm the go-to guy in my circle of friends for getting things fixed right the first time. When I put my hands on it, you know it'll be fixed right, or i'll come back, for free.

Attention to detail
I've been providing this service for myself for many years, and i've saved thousands of dollars by buying things second-hand, fixing my own things, or helping friends and family do the same.

Now you can put my skills and experience to work for you!

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