I've always enjoyed working with dogs, and I've developed several methods and tools to teach and train them over the last decade or so. I specialize in the 'difficult dogs', the dogs people say 'can't be trained' (I believe any dog can be trained), the dogs people are ready to give up on, or worse, have already given up on.

All of my training is custom tailored to the behavior you're looking to modify, and I maintain a flexible approach to make the best use of time and energy as we progress through training.

We start with a consultation, where we meet and talk about your dogs behavior, what you'd like to change, and related items. From there, I develop a custom training plan and we move forward, one session at a time, as needed.


Each session is one hour long, give or take a few minutes.

The first session is an assessment, and is $75. 

During this session, I'm assessing your dog, your handling, and any issues that may be present.

From this I can begin a training plan that suits your needs and wants.

Each follow up session is $60. 

In these sessions, I will address specific behaviors, show you how I handle those behaviors, and then coach you through training and handling.

I prefer to do house calls as it helps for me to assess the environment the dog is on as well, and it makes training easier for you, too. If you would prefer to come to my place, please tell me in the contact form.

Any information submitted to me is treated as confidential, and managed via my privacy policy.


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