Let's Get Digital!

In today's all-access, fast-paced world, having all your stuff handy wherever you are is more important than ever. I began digitizing my stuff in 2010, and i've been slowly reducing the amount of paper in my world ever since.

Advantages of 'going digital' include:
1) Having quick access to my files and data. I don't have to dig through filing cabinets, boxes, or other storage mediums!
2) Having ready access to my files and data even when i'm on the go. As a road warrior, this is especially important for me!
3) Having my data come to me (email, online statements) instead of having to go pick it up (snail mail).

Whether you're an experienced computer user looking to get more digital, or brand new to all this digital stuff, I can help you shed some of the paper weight that's holding you back, and make sure you don't miss a beat (or lose a file!).


(More to come)


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