Daniels Dog House

Daniels Dog House is where Daniel and the dogs come together for a brighter future!

Specializing in custom dog training, I work with all breeds at multiple levels, from basic obedience, commands, and tricks, all the way up to special cases, including dogs labeled as aggressive.

I provide direct, one-on-one training starting at your home, and branching out to public parks and other spaces as needed.
For the first session, your assessment session, it is:
1 hour 15 minutes,
I will meet with all members of the household, including the dog(s) you want me to work with, and any other dog(s) in the household.
Continung sessions are:
1 hour long,
Sessions are generally evenings or weekends; custom scheduling is available.

You may request dog training by filling out the form below, and I’ll get you scheduled for an assesment visit!

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