Over the years of dating i’ve had a wide variety of conversations, responses, and experiences, which is the adventure part of dating.
One of the repeating experiences I get is every now and then i’ll have some girl throw a bitch fit about ‘needing someone who can carry on a conversation’, which always gets the same two responses from me:
1) I laugh, out loud, literally, at the absurdity of what they just told me, insinuating that I cannot carry on a conversation.
2) I block them, delete the message thread, and we never talk again.

There’s a few reasons why you might be find me saying very little, and the most common reason is because the person talking to me, is boring. Boring questions, boring topic, boring person altogether, just boring.

Another reason is that you’re asking me questions, which you apparently expect to spark some deep, emotional conversation, but i’m giving simple, short answers. Ask simple questions, get simple answers. See? Simple.

It’s no big deal if you want more conversation, it’s a small deal if you push me for more conversation, it’s a big deal if you insult me for ‘not being able to carry on a conversation’, which is also an assumption, and it’s a huge deal if you throw a bitch-fit about it.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, but if you’re going to be a whiny little bitch, well, you might want to go date elsewhere. May I suggest your fairy-tale fantasy land?


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