Closet door shelves! 😀

I’ve been looking all over for shelves to attach to the inside of my closet door for a few months new, and I FINALLY found some that work. Not only do they work, they’re AWESOME.

The shelves I bought are from Lowes, stock# 0571429, and I think they’ll work just about anywhere.


The install is fairly simple for a DIY’er, though some thought and care should be put into drilling and screwing in your RV, just because of all the issues that can arise from a mis-placed screw. The screws that came with the shelf set were too long, and would have gone through my door, so I used some self-tapping metal screws that I like for a lot of things (the metal part refers to what material the screw is designed to attach).


I also opted not to hang them, because I wanted the top of the vertical supports to start below the top of the door, so I just mounted the rails directly to the door with screws. I also added an extra screw in the middle of each rail for more support, just to be sure the weight of all the stuff I put in there doesn’t rip them down. As always with an RV, consider the forces working on the parts while travelling rough roads and/or making sudden maneuvers.

I’m very happy with my finished product, but since it’s adjustable, i’m not sure I can truly call it ‘finished’! 😛


Once I started putting stuff in the shelves, I made a few adjustments, and then put MORE stuff in the shelves!

Then I checked again to make sure I could close the door completely, (I can!)

and that I could swing it to full open position and walk past it when I want to, which I can also do!


Simple, strong, and versatile, i’d suggest adding these to the inside of any swinging closet door for all the extra space!


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