Camco Dogbone Circuit Analyzer

When I bought my TT I realized that I would need some kind of external circuit protection since I didn’t have anything built in. My TT does have a circuit breaker panel, but in the event of major electrical issues at a park, I didn’t have anything to protect my home on wheels!
I did a lot of research before I bought one, and the first one I bought was a $250 circuit protection device that was great, but it wouldn’t work with an extension cord, so I had to send that one back. That device was designed to keep tabs on volts, amps, and ohms of the power source, and included a power ‘cut-off’ feature, but it wouldn’t function if I used it with an extension cord, which is something I wanted to be able to do if ever needed.
So, back to the drawing board, and I finally settled on the Camco ‘Dogbone’ circuit Analyzer for it’s combination of function, price, and simplicity.
This one has built in surge and fault protection, which is great if there’s too much voltage or amperage, but it won’t do anything for under voltage or under amperage. It does let me know with the built-in lights if there’s a polarity or ground issue with the power source, so I always plug this in first, then plug my TT into it.
This device is terrific; it’s fairly light and compact, not at all difficult to operate, and has no moving parts to worry about breaking. I also like that the whole unit is weather resistant, and while that seems like it should be obvious, there are devices on the market that are not weather resistant, so be aware of that when you’re shopping for one.
So what do you use for your RV electrical protection?


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