Black Tank Treatment

There are a wide variety of opinions of the various parts and pieces of RV life, but one thing we can all agree on is that your black tank needs some kind of way to work out the waste we put in it, and that’s what tank treatment does.

Tank treatments come in several forms; i’ve seen liquid, gel, powder, tablet, and even liqui-gel type things. No matter the format, it’s important to put some kind of treatment in there to help break down the waste.

Tank treatments come in two types, black tank and gray tank. Black tank treatments specifically target breaking down human waste, causing it all to become a liquid that can be dumped and rinsed off. Gray tank treatments target things you’re likely to find in gray water; soap and other detergents from cleaning yourself or your stuff, dirt and debris from rinsing things off, and other such things you’re likely to send down the sink drain.

Tank treatments are an important part of maintaining your RV, no matter if you’re a summer camper, a weekend warrior, or a full-timer. As soon as you stop maintaining your tanks, you’re going to have a problem, and it stinks!

Be sure to keep up with maintaining your tanks so you can have miles of smiles instead of being down with a frown. 🙂


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