Battery Terminals – 2000 F-250

After more than a year of owning and driving Roadrunner, I finally got around to changing out the battery terminals; it was definitly time!

I picked up a set of military style terminals from amazon, some copper terminal ends and heat shrink pieces, gathered up my heat gun, large gauge wire strippers, crimpers, and a spool of solder.

I started out by stripping and cleaning the ends of all of my cables.
I then put a sleeve of heat shrink on each cable, same color as the cable, then put the cable end into the proper sized terminal lug, filled it with solder (heated with the heat gun), let that cool, then crimped it, and sealed it up nice with the heat shrink.

I did this for all of the cables, then attached them to the terminal one by one, then placed the terminals on the proper battery posts.

MUCH nicer/cleaner than before, better connections, and I don’t have any issues!


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