Winners get shit done, losers talk about getting shit done. Be a winner.

Your attitude is a result of the way people treat you, and how you choose to respond. So many times I see people respond with anger, justification, fear, greed, or some sense of superiority; stop that, stop all of that.

You have a choice, every minute of every day, to present yourself any way you choose. Are you presenting someone who others want to follow, or are you presenting someone who others want to avoid? Worse, are you presenting someone that others want to get rid of?

While I don’t waste my time worrying about the opinions of others, I do make a point to maintain focus on what my attitude should be:

I’m here to do a job, and i need to focus on that job.

I’m here to help my fellow techs in any way I can, without stepping outside the bounds of my job.

I’m here to see that we’re all working safely and with a mindset of quality.

If you work with me, you’ll probably hear me say, “I’m here to commission turbines and chew bubblegum, and I ain’t got no bubblegum”. Pro tip: I don’t chew gum. 😉


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