Adventures of the mutts…

One of the biggest causes of aggression in dogs is food, which falls under ‘Resource Guarding’, a behavior that’s common for dogs that were never taught to share.
When you’re dealing with one, or more, aggressive dogs in a pack, you have to be careful not to have food out as it’ll usually cause a fight.
For my pack, I simply refuse to tolerate that kind of behavior, and I insist that everyone get along nicely. For those who don’t want to get along nicely, i’ll adjust training to modify (remove) that behavior so that we all get along nicely.

As you can see in the video above, all three dogs are getting along fine while working on one plate (a terrific way to wash dishes AND save water, by the way!), even Kirby, who came to me with the dreaded, ‘Aggressive’ (mis)label. Keep in mind that this video was taken July 9th, so Kirby had been with us for less than 3 whole days. It’s amazing what a little love and training can do for a dog!


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